Mario Kart Tour Paris Tour Guide: New Paris Promenade Course, Toad (Pit Crew), Peach (Vacation), and Shy Guy (Pastry Chef) Drivers, Gliders, Karts, Challenges and More

Mario Kart Tour’s Paris Tour has just kicked off, bringing with it a ton of new content including new cups, courses, drivers, karts, gliders, and challenges. In this guide, we thought we’d put together everything that’s new in one place.

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Mario Kart Tour Paris Tour – Everything New:

New Course – Paris Promenade:

Paris Promenade is a brand new track that takes place in – you guessed it! – Paris. It features the Eiffel Tower because, of course it does, and it’s a relatively short track full of opportunities to drift.

You’ll also find the usual R and T variants of the track.

New Drivers:

There are only three new Drivers this time around, two of which are Spotlight Characters.

New Spotlight Character 1 – Peach (Vacation):

Peach (Vacation) is the first Spotlight Character this time around, and it’s just Peach in some fashionable Parisian clothing. She features the Coin Box Special Skill and a not-too shabby seven three item favoured courses.

New Spotlight Character 2 – Shy Guy (Pastry Chef):

We don’t know who cooked up this bizarre new design but Shy Guy has a new Pastry Chef outfit as the second Spotlight Character, who will kick off in a week’s time when the second round of the Paris Tour takes effect.

Shy Guy (Pastry Chef) has the Mushroom Cannon Special Skill and seven three item favoured courses, just like Peach (Vacation).

New Driver – Toad (Pit Crew):

Another bizarre creation is Toad (Pit Crew), the only new Driver that isn’t a Spotlight Character in the Paris Tour. It’s just Toad in a racing outfit, basically. He has the Boomerang Flower Special Skill and only two three item favoured courses.

New Karts:

Of course, there are a bunch of new Karts this time too.

New Kart – Pink Mushmellow:

The Pink Mushmellow gives Toadette something nice to drive around in. It’s got the Dash Panel Plus and a single double bonus points favoured course.

New Kart – Streamliner:

Streamliner is Toad (Pit Crew)’s signature Kart. It’s a nice little racing machine with blue paint and a white stripe down the middle. It has the Slipstream Plus Special Skill and two double bonus points favoured courses.

New Kart – White Royale:

The White Royale is a nice new Kart that shares the same design as the Royale, just with a white paint job. Hence the name. It features the Rocket Start Plus Special Skill and four favoured double bonus points courses.

New Kart – Macharon:

This is a beautiful new Kart that will make your mouth water. It features the Jump Boost Plus Special Skill and has two double bonus point favouring courses.

New Kart – Carrot Kart:

Carrot Kart is a Kart shaped like a carrot, hence the name. It features the Mini-Turbo Plus Special Skill and two double bonus points favoured courses.

New Kart – Gold Train:

The Gold Train is the last of the new Karts. It features Rocket Start Plus and four favoured courses that provide you with double bonus points.

New Gliders:

Let’s now take a look at the New Gliders in Mario Kart Tour’s Paris Tour.

New Glider – BaNaNa Parafoil:

The BaNaNa Parafoil will help you get a banana during a course, thanks to its Banana Plus Special Skill. It also features two different triple combo bonus favoured courses.

New Glider – Strawberry Crêpe:

This new Glider features the Red Shell Plus Special Skill and four triple combo bonus point courses.

New Glider – Le Tricolore:

Le Tricolore is another new Glider that features the French flag. It’s got the Mushroom Plus Special Skill and three favoured courses that will triple your combo bonus.

New Tour Gifts:

Collect enough Stars and you might get your hands on the Tour gifts. These are split into two, with Gold Pass members getting three extra gifts over the free members.

Free Members Gifts:

Free members get the Droplet Glider, DK Jumbo Kart, and Diddy Kong at 67 Stars, 167 Stars, and 233 Stars respectively.

Gold Pass Members Gifts:

Gold Pass members get the White Royale Kart, Metal Mario, and Gold Train Kart at 120 Stars, 200 Stars, and 288 Stars respectively.

New Special Offers:

There are new Special Offers to purchase, which don’t really offer terrific value for money but there you have it.

Value Pack:

The Value Pack is around $2 and provides five Rubies, two Star Tickets, and three Item Tickets. It’s not great but it’s the best of the bunch.

Toad (Pit Crew) Pack:

The Toad Pit Crew Pack costs around $20 and provides you with 45 Rubies, Toad (Pit Crew) Driver, and five Star Tickets.

Bowser Jr. Pack

The Bowser Jr. Pack costs an extortionate $40 and grants you 90 Rubies, Bowser Jr. Driver, and a measly one Quick Ticket.

New Challenges:

Of course, there are a bunch of new Challenges, including Tour Challenges 1 and Gold Challenges. Tour Challenges 2 will make an appearance in the second week of the Paris Tour.